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  • Hey mike, do u still sell some frags of tracy morgan gorg and pulsing sinularia? Ireally like your tank. Im happy to have what you have in your tank. Thank you.
    Mike, you have a particular fish in your images of the tank of the month I'd like to know the name of. Its the fish swimming above what looks like a clam. It looks like a Wrasse of some kind. It has yellow strips and a green tail. What is that?
    Hey Mike,
    How did running a SRO ext 3000 skimmer in sump work for you? I have one and would like to do the something.
    Hi Mike, just sent you $2.46 via PayPal for the gels.
    Send to:Bill Gauthier
    29 Brentwood ave.
    Waterbury, Ct. 06705
    i'd be interested in a set of those pads.all i have to take pics with is my phone lol.
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