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  • wow talk about good timing, I haven't been on this forum in a long time but checked in tonight for a quick search on a problem that popped up recently. The stand has worked out great for us and the 300DD The depth front to back was perfect to fit the 36" long sump tanks in front to back etc.

    I'm pretty sure it's skinned in all oak if my memory serves me right and the stain we used is minwax red oak 215. I can't remember how many coats of stain or clear are on there though. We just added it until it matched the other furniture in the room, I'd consider it a cherry finish but I actually found the can we used so go figure. I hope that helps.

    Hello Mike, I saw your tank stand posted on page 43 of the DIY Stands Template. May I ask what type of wood did you use for the skin and what brand and color stain you used? Of all the stands pictured on that thread yours was exactly the stand I'm looking to build.
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