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    Bob's Boston Reef Breakdown

    We are also moving back to new england this month. :D GL!
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    Ecotech mp10wqd with belkin backup

    Wireless mp10qd in good condition with a belkin backup and extra battery. The backup runs the pump about a day and a half. Battery easily swaps out. Driver was replaced and I forgot to move over the build sticker. I believe it was may 2015. SOLD
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    FS- Ocellaris breeding pair and Starry Blenny

    Moving. Wanted to take them with me but won't be able to. Pair of very healthy mated Ocellaris clowns that breed every 7-10 days and will come with their beloved pot. They are very aggressive so you must have plenty of room or a tank just for them. $80 OBO Starry blenny. healthy and eats like...
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    Painting rear of tank

    I usually use krylon and recently tried Plastidip and it turned out great. Plus it's peels off if you need to take it off.
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    fs 30g custom acrylic, stand, sump

    Will be in tampa this weekend and can haul it with me if anyone is interested..
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    fs 30g custom acrylic, stand, sump

    This tank was a cancelled project to build a clown harem tank. I had this tank made by a local builder in haines city. Tank has a 3 year warranty and it's just a few months old. It's 15w x 15h x 30l and euro braced. Comes already plumbed and has a silent herbie overflow with a gate valve. Only...
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    Who sells acrylic ?

    If you're looking for small pieces, I usually get them @ skycraft.
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    LF Doser

    I have this..