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  • I just called Pets Inc. To make sure I am on the list and I am. First on the list too. So, idk what's going on. I'm usually in there for both salt & freshwater and check the tank you are talking about. There's been a green mantis there on hold for months now. I have an ad up on Craiglist looking for a Peacock, no replies. I've called shops in Cali, Nevada & Florida. Checked out BlueZoo, nothing I want. I'm starting to think the Peacock Mantis Shrimp is a fictional species, lol. Thank for your help though Freeze!
    I've had my name on their list for over a year now. I know a guy that bought the last one they advertised as a Peacock but it wasn't. I'm starting to think Peacock's are impossible to get. I'll continue my quest to find one. Thanks!
    How's it going? Hey, I read a post that you put up saying you can get Peacock Mantis Shrimp from your lfs. I'm in Glendale. What store are you talking about? I think I've called everyone in the valley. Plus California and Nevada.
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