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    Should I let my cleaner shrimp clean my hand?

    As long as your hands are clean of solvents and other things you wouldn't want to get in your water it will be fine.
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    What is this growing on my snail?

    It looks like a damn mushroom in that pic lol, and I don't mean the coral mushrooms.
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    Starfish question on quarantine

    Starfish don't live well even in larger tanks. Chances are high in a 29G it will slowly starve over a period of months to a year and die.
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    Can I fit these inverts in my tank?

    If you want a yellow watchman goby, make sure you get a tiger pistol shrimp with it. They are bigger and a little more agressive but will be fine in that tank. Certain shrimp pair with certain gobies. You also need to have sand and some rubble in the tank for it to build with it. You also...
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    Can I fit these inverts in my tank?

    I definitely wouldn't get 2 Coral banded unless they are already a male/female pair at sale. Very risky. Chances are high one will kill the other.
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    Can I fit these inverts in my tank?

    in regards to sally lightfoots: "Nevertheless, these colorful crabs are opportunistic predators, meaning that they will eat almost anything they come across including barnacles, young sea turtles, other crabs, and young birds, as well as dead fish, broken eggs, and even bird droppings and sea...
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    Can I fit these inverts in my tank?

    Also, if you plan on keeping live coral, you need to take that into consideration as well. Peppermint shrimp are notoriously 'iffy' when it comes to some species of LPS corals. I imagine an aiptasia tastes pretty similiar to a torch or hammer coral for example. They are sort of related...
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    Can I fit these inverts in my tank?

    I would avoid the lobster and the sally lightfoots. Coral banded shrimp are notorious meanies and terrirorial. You may not have problems with that specific species though. Haloween HERMIT crab or Halloween crab? Most crabs are opportunistic killers and might go after any fish or small...
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    Crab lost its claws after molting?

    There isn't really a hard fast rule for adding fish once your tank is cycled. Usually it's only one or two at time. You want to keep the bioload down until it balances back out again. For example, adding a 10 fish to a 40g will take some time for the fish urine and poop to build up, along...
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    Crab lost its claws after molting?

    You are still cycling then and should not add anymore livestock. Most inverts and fish are very intolerant of unstable water. Nitrites are very poisonous to life in general, even in low amounts.. You need to get the point where you have no ammonia, no nitrite, and only nitrates, which are...
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    Crab lost its claws after molting?

    Is this a new tank? Nitrites makes it sound like your cycle isn't done. Also are you SURE it died? Molts can look deceptively like the real deal. I've though multiple inverts of mine over the years have died only to find them pop up a week later with a fresh shell. What changed in your tank...
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    Frustrated. Not as bad as it seems?

    Supposdly bumblebee snails eat vermetids. Berghia nudi's will eat all your aiptasia. just get a handful of them since some will inevitably become fish food or powerhead fodder. But in the back chambers where your livestock can't get em they will nom those nemmies quick. You can also get a...
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    Crab lost its claws after molting?

    It happens sometimes to inverts. It will regrow its claws on its next molt.
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    Prettty much this. Of course the drama hasnt stopped. I'm in like 8 phoenix/az reefing groups on there. So silly.
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    What lind of crab. Florida rock

    Possibly an offshoot of the decorator species (not all actually decorate themselves). Body shape reminds me of squat lobsters variations but I don't think that's right.