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  • Hi. I'm in Ladera. If you ever have any more frags you need to sell off please let me know. My tank only just finished cycling otherwise I would have definitely picked some of those frags up.
    Hi whats your contact information? I wanted to purchase one of your coral items. I live in tustin so I can pick it up. You can email me at
    I recently saw your post on the ai sol blue par info thread. Two questions for ya: you talked about wanting to sell your ati pm fixture ... What size is it and how much would you be willing to sell it for ? Also, having 3 ai modules over a 48" tank do you think that if i were to go with two modules mounted lengthwise on a 48x18x16 it would provide sufficient light without alot of shadowing ? Thanks, look forward to hearing your thoughts on both subjects. CoralReefDoc
    Hi Jennifer,

    I must admit I'm amazed that you were able to read through the entire thread. :) I think you'll be happy with the T5s. I ended up going with the 48" 10x54w fixture since the cost difference wasn't too much. I figured it would allow me to grow into a 5ft tank in the future, if necessary. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the stand at the end of the month. It should take about a month for them to build it which is about the time I will be making my move to a new home. I can't wait to get things set up!!

    The Sunpower fixtures are nice. I think the it'll light your tank up quite nicely. Have you decided where you're going to purchase the tank from?
    Hey Tran, I've been doing lots of research on lighting... I've decided to stay with T5 rather than build an LED fixture. I was totally stressing over it and decided to back off and keep it simple. I happen to be reading the thread on ATIs in the ReefGeek forum and seen you question on which light fixture (I read the entire thread over 2-3 days). It seems to have gone unanswered. After reading the ENTIRE thread... I would say you should go with the 36" 8 bulb. If you aren't going to have anything at the edges, don't waste the money on the light. I'm planning on getting the Sunpower 6x39W (36") fixture for a 48"x24"x18". I was also planning on keeping things away from the glass, but also wanted a place to put softies in case the light in the middle was too much. With a 90% SPS dominated tank... I would have said guessed 10x54W... but since you stated everything was going to be towards the center... save the money... 8x39W. That's my 2 cents :)

    Hope all is well!
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