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  • mobert i have 1 last question for you please answer, what is the breeding age of clownfish? mine still hasn't laid any eggs.
    sir mobert, kindly help me please.

    1. do i need an anemone to breed my clowns?
    2. i have a bubble tip anemone but neither of my clowns want to use it. why is that?
    3. what temperature of water do i need to maintain in order to breed my clowns?
    4. how did you breed yours? will i just wait or do something about it?
    Hi mobert saw the clowns in your tank amazing! Wanted to tell you that you are my god! I love clownfish and thats one of my goAls to have a lot of clowns as my tank can take. Please spare some time to help me. I want you to be my teacher and ill be your student once its ok with you then ill ask questions regarding my plans. Kindly help me mobert god im begging you
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