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    Picasso and RBTA-only tank - Which nano should I get?

    IMO anemones should not be kept in small tanks. Too little water for ones mistakes. Even the best tank keepers mess up at some point its just natural human nature.
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    Any effects of loud music on a fishies?

    I want to think fish get used to it? I blast music when I work out, and listen to a movie fairly loud with the surround sound. The first few times the fish would flinch, but now I notice no difference in their behavior.
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    Since some of you don't get out much

    The secret is to like them. Then one of these days you would happen to accidentally wipe them;) :lol: Todd Sweet! I like your idea of using side furniture to hold your skimmer.
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    LFP's Xenon Projection and Cree LED DIY lighting system.

    Wow ok so besides the fuzz around the tread. I like the idea this guy has. It is unique and if it works for him why change it.
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    SeaSchor Has Borbonius Anthias!

    Jeni should be made Team RC :p
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    My 34 gallon Solana TONS OF PICS

    Looking good man sure hope that mantis is not around anymore. Be careful with the pistol shrimp too. I have an evil little one that goes after cleaner, fire, and peppermint shrimp. He was sumped a month ago :p . One question.... Is your tank leveled? On the first picture the water level is...
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    Whats the bestest nano tank?

    In reality there is no best all in one. Everybody has different taste with tanks. My personal choice is Finnex 30 M tank. Others may say the JBJ 28G. If you like the rimless look then you may like the Solana. In the end all of the tanks will need some mods or upgrades. For the most part you...
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    Is this Dry Rock ok for my tank?

    What did you use to wash? Hopefully no chemicals other than perhaps vinegar.
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    Thinking of starting a < 10g nano to tide me over -- what do I need?

    Keep the big tank SPS, school, and small tanks dont mix too well.
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    Fish predator captured (pic included)

    (Looks up) :rolleyes: Moving right along.... Dude these crabs are bad news glad you caught it. Just make sure a second one is not around. Happy Reefing :)
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    whos running radium bulbs localy

    Adrian Marine Depot may have some PFO HQI in stock. Says limited availability worth a shot Gondore The 250w versions dont look so great. I'd pass on the bulb IMO
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    OT Any welders locally?

    eep013 Sick! Nice job on it! Mind posting some pictures of how you have it standing. I want to say some C clamps on the back of the stand, but still dont have the stand planned out. The guy that is making it is supposed to get back to me with his idea. Edit : JPSKI25 Who is that guy on your...
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    OT Any welders locally?

    Any ideas on how the conduit will make a T to hang on to the pendant? I have a conduit bender. Found a picture of the zero edge tree.
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    FS/FT: 3000W 240V Titainium heater and electroomni valves

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lolspin: :lolspin: :lolspin: