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  • mojo I just tried to send you a message but I think I deleted it accidently before I sent it I wanted to ask you if that skimz pump is servicablecan the impeler come out to be cleaned and lubed. it stopped on me yesterday I tore the skimmer apart and got it running no problem just thought it would be a good idea to service it
    hey mojo tim here I gotta couple Qs for ya first off I've been trying to get on the club site and it says I'm not able to post because I'm not a member so I tried to rejoin and it sayed I couldn't do that because there is all ready a member with that name which of course is me. and second I'm hoping to order some 24" sqare pin pc bulbs for my 55 Frag tank I have Its a 48"corallife unit.about 8 to 9" off the tank
    Mojo... Do you think that it is really important to have the less equipment in the sump in order to have more space and water turnover in their????
    Thanks in advance...
    mojo is the man... super honest guy and has forgotten more about skimmers than I have ever known!


    I have to ask. I noticed that you do a lot skimmer reviews. I just ordered the bubble king 160 mini for a 90 gal with 25 gal sump of water. Should I go with it or should I stop the order?
    hi mojo~, friend recommend u to me about skimmer experience. i hae a 90g w/ come corals, 4 tangs ( 2-2", 1-3",1-4") six line wrass, noen goby, smalldamsel, lawn mower. that seems a heavy bioload,isnot it? i like to upgrade for a better skimmer than CORALLIFE 125 i 've been using. any good brands that u know would be the bang for the buck. i have around 300 bucks to spend . appreciate ur effort....
    thank your feedback on CARX.. how come you never set it up?.. Do you really think it worht this high $$$$ for carx?

    I heard you were the guy to talk to about skimmers. I currently have a 34 gallon Solana with mostly SPS. I need a new skimmer for it & want it to be able to skim really heavy. I was thinking about the Warner Marine H1 or H2. Do you have any suggestions? I want the best that I can get for this style tank.
    What height is need to be able to remove/clean the cup and what foot print is need in my sump?

    Holy **** batman..... i did win. . i thought you were just pulling my leg.. and checked my emails and I did not get a invoice in any of my emails
    I would suggest the new cone. No rotational issues and its a nice balanced unit. should be great for your 90.
    Hi mojo,
    You really seem to know what you're doing when it comes to skimmers :) I'm about to purchase a skimmer for my 90 gal display, 55 gal sump, 10 gal refuge, 10 gal frag tank. I'm looking to do heavy SPS. I've narrowed it down to SWC/MSX 200 extreme or the new Super Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer XP-2000 Cone Internal. So my question is...which do you feel is the best choice of the two?

    Thanks for the help. Your work for the hobby is helping thousands and the hobby to move forward in general.

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