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    Muriatic acid

    let me tell you how pleased my wife was with me when i made a muriatic acid volcano in our back yard and nuked a whole patch of grass. good times. :spin1:
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    will an orange spot filefish (osff) eat porites?

    just figured i'd toss this out there, i came to the mucus conclusion partially based off watching my OSFF, seeing that my corals aside from polyp extension weren't actually being harmed by their harassment as far as growth rate, color, etc, and from some papers i read that suggested there's...
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    will an orange spot filefish (osff) eat porites?

    mine has so far only bothered acropra and millepora. i have a birdsnest in my tank and it's the only SPS with polyp extension. lol they seem to like the slimey corals the most. i've been half convinced for a while now that they're actually going after the coral mucus, and just accidentally...
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    New grow out tank set up question

    i've used a bunch of the bacteria in a bottle stuff, including Dr. Tim's and haven't seen any speed increase in cycling. honestly i've come to believe those products are all junk. i would use old or new water. move over your rocks, and expect a small cycle. conversely, you could always avoid...
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    Glue pipe to bulkhead return

    i glue most things, like sk8r said, that are outside of the water. i'll leave myself a tail on the bulkhead of a few extra inches if i can spare it, in case i need to cut and reglue or something. but generally bulkheads are cheap enough, and if you're going to be messing with them it's a...
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    Muriatic acid

    i've used muriatic acid before on rocks, it's pretty raunchy stuff. for cleaning tanks and equipment i usually go with vinegar or citric acid like the previous poster suggested. they're easier to use, and far less safety concerns. if you're going the muriatic acid route, just make sure you're...
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    OSFF (orange spot filefish) stopped eating -- after a year and is fat

    i doubt anything from the live food infected him. if that were the case i would expect them both to be suffering symptoms. aside from trying some different food options, there isn't a whole lot i've figured out for triaging these kinds of issues. sorry :( the one thing i will say is that...
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    OSFF (orange spot filefish) stopped eating -- after a year and is fat

    also, mine never refused to eat around spawning time. they usually spawned quickly in the middle of the day, and then went about their business. their spawn is quick and easy to miss. mine were chasing each other, not unlike they normally did, then above an open patch of sand they came...
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    OSFF (orange spot filefish) stopped eating -- after a year and is fat

    how long has it been since you observed him eating? my male quit eating and eventually died. not sure on the reason. my female still lives on. i had the male for several years. this is a common story i've heard for the males. they tend to die before the females after refusing to eat for a...
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    Advice on lifting 180 3/4" glass tank

    i haven't used suction cups, but several strong people is usually how i've moved tanks. i had a 160 oceanic that weighed about as much as a collapsed star, we were able to move it with 3 people. suction cups and lifting straps are icing on the cake and would have made life a lot easier. given...
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    Sohal Tang donation

    please don't release him back in to the ocean. that would present many concerns, both for the fish, and for the ocean. i think donating him to a public aquarium is a fantastic idea. i've had the good fortune of getting to meet a lot of the staff at our local aquarium. give them a call. if...
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    What are your 3 most important reef tank equipment pieces?

    oh boy. so two categories here for me. Can't Reef Without It: Skimmer ATO Good heater (on some kind of controller) Makes Life Worth Living: Tank controller like Apex, etc... Dosing pumps Auto feeder
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    Was Bayer discontinued?

    thank you! this is a design from a local (to me) pit rescue group by the name of Hello Bully. always love supporting rescue missions.
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    Was Bayer discontinued?

    amazon still has the stuff i was using. it's possible it might be a seasonal item in some areas? perhaps they rotated it out to make some room.
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    mushroom wont open after new coral addition

    one other thing i just thought of. sometimes corals, soft corals specifically, just get kind of cranky. if you do all the above stuff, everything else looks fine, and they're still being jerks, just give them time. sometimes they get over their bad mood.