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    Help please!

    What type of cardinal? They usually get along if given sufficient space and it sounds like you have the space. Do you have a QT tank? You could remove the aggressor, letting the passive one have time to heal and get situated before re-introducing the other cardinal.
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    Has anyone mixed Shrimp Goby species?

    In a 180g you should be okay provided there's sufficient rock/sand/pvc tubes for them to all have homes.
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    125g 2 in 1 Seagrass Reef

    Cool concept for atnak. Any issues with the corals while dosing ferts for the macros? Update pics?
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    ID help with this crab

    Don't think that's a crab. Looks like a squat lobster.
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    Help with ID of possible pest

    Hard to tell from the angle, but looks like a fan worm or a baby aiptasia
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    Rebirth - 1500l

    Not sure what they plan for schools here (U.S.). Been lots of talk about possible strategies, including mixing tele-edu with shortened school week, but nothing definite yet. My daughter (15) is worried that her wrestling team might not be able to have a normal season which is most likely the...
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    Rebirth - 1500l

    And stay healthy. The news here says your country is getting hammered by Covid-19.
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    Anybody been to Modern Aquarium? Thoughts on price and selection would be appreciated.
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    Rebirth - 1500l

    "...getting better..." he says. Your tank is amazing (as always).
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    Protein skimmer making a weird noise

    Based on your video, from the noise I heard, there's a dog stuck in the skimmer. Let him out. ;) Sorry, don't have any useful feedback at this point. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable can chime in. Have you tired contacting the manufacturer?
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    Need help, please.. About setup information as detail as possible.

    The clownfish in the pic #2 and 3 is sick. Hard to tell with what from picture, but could be Ich or Oodinium (velvet). Put it/them in a QT tank with copper med to treat.
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    PITA brown algae!

    Where did the rock in the small tank come from? You may have imported your trouble. A pic would help with ID. Is it algae, diatoms... ?
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    Protein skimmer making a weird noise

    The piece in your hand (in the pic) is for noise reduction. Is the impeller turning/making bubbles in the main chamber? It can days for a new skimmer to break in and start producing skimmate.
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    Questions about adding a sump and associated equipment.

    Another option: Get a larger, drilled tank and transfer the sand, water to it; then use the 55 as your sump. Get a local glass shop to cut you some baffles and silicone them in place yourself. I would never use an hang on back type overflow; too much opportunity for disaster. Some people o use...
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    Manual removal and a large water change (30-50%) will help at first. You should try to determine where the phosphate is coming from (old rock, sand, water source, overfeeding, etc.). Chemiclean may get rid of the cyano temporarily, but if the water quality doesn't improve it'll just come back.