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    a german sea water pool

    Cool. I have been to Erfde last summer. I work in Germany every 6 months so I am hoping to have a small tank this summer when I am there. I am much south of you in Goettingen. Could you PM me any German reef forum links where I can buy used equipment? Sorry for asking this on the forum!
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    a german sea water pool

    Sven do you live in Erfde?
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    Urgent!!! PraziPro Reef Safe?

    I have dumped it as suggested on the label in my 75 gallon reef a couple of times. No ill effects. Just turn off your skimmer as it will go crazy. Do water change as suggested on the bottle. There is a nice thread in the fish disease forum on PraziPro. Check it out. More opinions posted there.
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    Electricty tingle in my tank.

    I had 2 visi therms and they both did the same. I am glad I took them out.
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    Anthias with Gill Hole

    Hi guys I would really appreciate some help. My Male Lyretail Anthias has a gaping hole under its gill flap and breathing heavily. I just noticed it today when she was breathing hard. She has been eating very well. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me what it might be. My tank...
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    Carbon Dosing/Zeolith Usage

    I use a TLF Phosban reactor for my zeovit system. It works just fine if your tank is less than 75 gallons (0.7 kg of zeolites) since the reactor holds about 1 kg. Just shake the reactor and make sure you have a enough room for the rocks to tumble. I have extra soft tubing so u can take the...
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    Korallin PO4 Minus or Blue Life Phosphate Control?

    I have used bluelife with good result. Its lanthanum chloride as Jon mentioned.
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    Get Tanked Salt

    I have been using it for a year now with extremely good results. If you are going to dose vodka or go ultra-low nutrient system his formula 2 with NSW levels is ideal. Its expensive but I liked the customer service and help I got from Gary.
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    Cost to run a zeovit system?

    I run a full blown zeovit system and the last 9 months including start up cost and reactor and replacement additives (including shipping) it turned out to be $25/month. I am using a TLF Phosban reactor (instead of a zeoreactor) since I run only a 75 gallon tank. I am just running the basic four...
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    Growing Macro for Tang

    Hello Everyone, I just ordered Tang Haven variety pack from Indo-Pacific sea farms to feed my tang. It comes with Gracilaria parvispora and Ulva sp. Just wondering how I can propagate these species so I can have a regular supply of macro. I run a full zeovit system with no refugium. But I have...
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    Melev's new 280g Starfire tank thread

    Marc. What is your K+ level? Just wondering if your vodka dosing has taken your Nitrate and PO4 levels low. Typically in ULNS, K+ depletion causes bleaching. Sorry to hear your losses. ______________________ Vishnu
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    gettanked salt mixes

    I have been using their Formula 2 for NSW levels for the last 9 months with a zeovit system and so far I have had no problems. Gary is a nice guy to talk and deal with if you have any issues. My tank looks nicer than before and I have had nice growth.
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    How often to change activated carbon?

    I change once a month. Run it passively in the sump. Clean it every day by shaking the bag a few times to get any detritus off the carbon. I run a zeovit system.