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    Refractometer calibration?

    It sounds like your refractometer has a slope miscalibration. Randy Holmes-Farley did an extensive article on refractometers and calibration in the Dec. '06 issue of Reefkeeping magazine. Personally I would get a second bottle of Pinpoint...
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    Help!!! A lesson learned about QT...

    Amquel Plus (or similar product) is inexpensive and will detoxify the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in an emergency hospital tank and will not interfere with dosing meds.
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    Dead wrasse in Hospital tank

    First off, I'm sorry for your loss, Dingo. No, Dingo, not if you were just using it for water changes. Like evsalt mentioned, sometimes it is just too late and the infection is beyond treatment. Chances are that the gill tissue was heavily infested and damaged to the point that suffocation...
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    So, it happened!

    OK, so it's a common trend for reefers to pour Vodka in their tanks... I've even heard of some reefers dosing Rum... but this is the first I've heard of dosing Pale Ale. :lol: In all seriousness you shouldn't worry, and you really don't have to do anything. All you've done is add a very...
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    Dsb - Electrolysis

    Pretty much. Keeping in mind that the benefits and purpose of using it in the ocean is completely different from what the OP's intentions were.
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    Dsb - Electrolysis

    Greenbean is correct. Electrolysis in seawater produces more chlorine than oxygen at the anode. In a small, enclosed area such as your aquarium this constant addition of chlorine could possibly sterilize your beneficial bacteria or worse. Consequently, electrolysis in sea water also causes...
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    how do i join a reef club?
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    tiger pod cultivation....comments??

    I believe you are confusing "Arctic Pods", Calanus hyperboreus, or C. glacialis, with "Tigger Pods", Tigriopus californicus. T. californicus are very easy to cultivate at a room temperature of 70 to 78°F. The reason that they are kept refrigerated is to put them into a state of hibernation to...
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    Have ICH looky here!!!!!

    Both the Blue Spot Stingray and the Regal Angel should be fine in hyposalinity. While Regals are a sensitive fish in general, I'm not aware of any special problem they have with hyposalinity. Most Stingrays in the family Dasyatidae are very tolerant of hyposalinity and can be found living in...
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    Have ICH looky here!!!!!

    To tell the truth, crooks, I've never seen any empirical evidence to confirm the rumor that a glass tank cannot be used for a reef tank after being exposed to copper treatments. Does anyone have any information on controlled studies or clinical testing that has measured any copper leaching back...
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    Have ICH looky here!!!!!

    You have a very good point, becact, and the capn is right with one important addition. IF your refractometer has a slope error, then calibrating only with 35ppt solution would either make hypo treatment ineffective (too high, above 1.009sg) or potentially harmful (too low, below 1.009sg), with...
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    Feeding Mandarins in QT

    Shame you didn't have at least a few days advance to prepare. Keep feeding copepods while introducing other foods. (pellets, mysis, etc.) Do you know anyone who is making phyto? If so you could build a 5g or 10g copepod hatchery. I would do this anyway just so you can "recharge" your tank...
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    Have ICH looky here!!!!!

    I'm glad to hear they are doing better. Now you can start tank transfers on them every 3 days and they should be safe from reinfection while in QT. Unfortunately, since they were introduced into the display tank, they have most likely infected the tank with fresh cysts which means another long...
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    Have ICH looky here!!!!!

    What you are seeing are most likely small "pods", it's definitely not Ich. The only time Ich is free-swimming is in the <18hrs after it first hatches from the cyst to find a host. When it leaves the host after feeding it's unable to swim and drops down to the substrate to encyst and multiply...
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    white spots on my blue hipo tang

    You should take them all out of the tank and treat them in QT. The display will have to be left fishless for 6-8 weeks to starve out the remaining Ich or the fish will just get reinfected when you put them back in.