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    Another SPS flow question.

    Congrats on the tank! Sounds great. How can you tell if the coral are happy? Lets just say... "if it aint broke...dont fix it"! Keep on doing what your doing!
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    SPS Help.... Spacing requirements

    If he's looking good/great after about three to four weeks.... Chances are your looking pretty good. The thing with SPS is they let you know really quick when they are unhappy... Good Luck!
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    SPS Help.... Spacing requirements

    acropora "red digitata"... I started with one little guy about the size of my pinky... Scared as all hell he wouldn't make it... HE LIVED! To me it was the perfect test for my tank at the time.. getting a small piece of the red digita is not hard... they are everywhere.. My tank was...
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    Snail and Crab Identification!

    good luck good luck The snail is called arethius... I believe... burrows under the sand.. comes out when ever you put food in? They are great cleaners.. I had tons in my tank.. The crabs I believe are simple hermit crabs.. Also part of the "cleaner package".. Had tons of those also...
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    Candy Cane receding????

    HMMM..Tough call..My cane looks like that at the base...As long as the head gets nice and puffy i wouldn't worry to much..I've come 2 learn over time that the candy cane is not the easiest coral to have...I'd keep my eyes on the base ...If you see it start to turn white then you've got a...
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    Corals not growing need HELP

    Welcome to the wonderful world of reefing my friend. In all honesty if your coral are still alive and not showing any signs of poor health your probably doing better than most. It takes time, be patient...If anything try a different feeding pattern? Ever try target feeding with a turkey...
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    Candy Cane Coral - Healthy Growth

    Congrats on the candycane. My candy cane grows very slow. it took 4ever to "get comfortable". Even now almost 5 months later, i still haven't seen any new heads. however it appears to puff up more and more every day. The heads just keep on expanding..Who knows when it comes to reefing...
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    Acan question

    Sounds like your doing everything just fine.Give them time and soon they will puff up fo you.. Good luck!
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    Big tank, New set up, when to add????!!!

    oooohhh... Tuff question! i know exactly how you feel. It's like you never really know when the time is right. It's gets more difficult as we pay more for these animals. If your nervous, play it safe and wait it out...good luck, i'm terrible at waiting!!
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    sps bleaching

    There are two options...cut it off..or hope it grows back...i'd probably cut it off though...and it will still probably grow back in time... sorry to hear about that.. good luck
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    Lighting acclimate for my new frags !

    Thats exactly the type of lighting i have.. My sps are right at the top and under the light for about 9-10 hrs a day..power heads blowing in their general area....they love it
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    Gaping Acan Lord

    One of my acans does that all the time. Don't know why...Maybe its
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    who sells the chalice etc
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    Recommend a skimmer?

    If you want the most foul smelling skimate material collected out of your tank....Deltec MCE 600....bubble chamber is unreal!