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  • Tom my name is George I am Mikes friend he is sending you a text message please let him know if you have a skimmer for a 60 cube for sale it has to be out of sump

    I know you had your tank and stuff for sale a while back but I was still interested in your stand. I have the same stand with a warped left door and cannot find it because it is not made anymore according to the manufacturer.

    Do you still have the stand? I am asking because for all I know you sold the tank and not the stand.

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear back soon. If I was lucky you sold the stand without the doors. LOL

    Im just getting into Challice and am looking to purchase one but can't find one that I like that's not insanely over priced. Would you be willing to frag one of yours?

    how r u doing? I have seen or heard from you in a while, everything alright? Still in the hooby and have your online store, I need some bulbs

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