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  • No worries...I ended up hiring the Public Adjuster who said that he's going to go after my insurance for everything except the tank itself and the fish. He said he can argue everything else including the equipment, corals, rock, etc... I'm looking at 75k in total loss. I strongly suggest hiring a PA before the subrogation process! I can give you my guy's info and see what he says.
    Sorry Mpek can't send pm till i have 10 posts. Liberty Mutual contacted me on Monday asking for more pictures and wanting to verify if their company is at fault now even after offering me a settlement with a confidentially agreement. I did go through my home owners insurance so they will have to get theirs first. My insurance company called me and asked what I was going after them for and I simply said everything you didn't pay!
    My tank wasn't as big as yours but I had a Marineland 60g and it spontaneously cracked across the front and water gushed out. United Pet Group offered me $4500 to settle but that was before they received my invoice from the contractor on the damages so they told me the same thing about their insurance would settle due to the amount. Its been 3 wks now since they said that and nothing. Have you heard anything on yours?

    Good Morning Mpek . I seen your picture post on Beaver's Crazy build tread . I would like to ask what is your sump made out of ? I love the look of it. Looks very Heavy Duty.
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