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  • Hi there. I saw an older post with you offering advice on the Zeovit system. I am in the process of preparing for a tank transfer and am seriously considering the Zeovit system on my new tank. Any advice, warnings, thoughts, etc. would be appreciated.
    Would love to see your tank sometime, also you are welcome to come over for a private tour! Are you going to the meeting tomorrow? My wife and I will be there. Will pm you my phone, always happy to share info, experiences, an opinions with fellow reefers!
    Thanks for the compliments. Glad your getting more involved. You wont regret all the knowledge and friendships you will make.

    No my tank is not in this years tank hop, but if you want to see what me tank looked like in its glory go to youtube and search fmas tank hop 2011. mine is the second, or third tank on that tour. Best regards, Eddie
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