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  • Hey Mark,

    Hope all is going well with you and your family.

    Need your input. Last we spoke you had mentioned you were running the radions. Are you still happy with them? I am considering them for the frag system. One is an Elos pool 70 and the other KG made (40x30x12). Do think I could get away with two of the 15s over the KG tank or should I go with two 30s?

    Thanks for your help, Rich
    Hey Mark,
    how r things? I have a question, what do you do when gEO 624 cannot keep up with my Calcium Load? never had this problem before, any imput would be great.

    Hello Mark, just came across your thread regarding your Tunze up-grade and I must say you have beautiful tank. My name is John (lwmnfrvr) and I live in Redding, Ca. I'm friends with Dwayne (Scoly) and we often talk about your tank especially the colors on your SPS.

    I do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind. What are the specs. on your lighting? Do you dose anything such as trace elements?

    Once again great tank!! John
    Hey Mark, Jim here from Reef Hobbyist Mag, BAR etc...
    Just came across your coral spawning thread (due to the necroposter, lol) and realized we've never done a piece on home coral spawning. Interested in writing? Thx-Jim Adelberg
    I actually searched what joculator means.... good one :) Beautiful tank man. Whenever I'm in need of something to remind me why I stay in this hobby, your tank reminds me.

    Thanks! and happy reefing!
    Hey Mark,
    Borchers from woodland. I was wondering if you were still selling frags and zoas. I was looking into getting some zoas and SPS. I was told you were the guy plus from what I understand your in Davis
    Thank you Mark. Looks like I will qt as well. How did you do yours?
    Ever know what happened to SunnyX?
    I didnt get a call from you today about the heaters so let me know if and when you would like to come and pick them up.
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