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    Green Hair Algae out of control 13.5G EVO Tank

    So what is the update on this??
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    Where is everyone from NC at??

    Kernersville here, getting back into the hobby. Reach out to me if you're near.
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    It's been 9 years...

    thanks all...picking up a 30g cube this weekend for my son and I to share in this hobby.
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    It's been 9 years...

    Since I owned a reef tank and was active here on Reef Central. That may all change soon. I'm glad you're still here and I'm glad to be back. More to follow.
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    North Dakota Reefers Meeting and BBQ

    South Texas here!!
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    Anybody remember seeing an overflowing tank at a recent conference??

    Wow, all the way from 2006. Those were the days alrighty...economy was good, tanks were huge, a $500 skimmer was no problem.... Thanks to whomever brought this back.
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    Old gerbil aquarium

    I have always been trained that if it housed anything but fish, it is not safe. I understood that the urine from the animals can get into the seams and leach out later. I would NOT use the tank.
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    Drain plumbing help needed

    Many moons ago I helped plumb a 240g reef tank. The twin 1.5" drains (if I remember correctly) went into a 4" manifold and then on to the sump. I guess I don't understand your term "y'ing"... Can you explain or show a diagram?
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    Portable RO recommendation

    Are you truely looking for a space saver or a wallet-saver (cheaper)??
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    Safety Recall on Stealth/Stealth Pro heaters for aquariums

    I frequent the CPSC website and ran across this recent press release: Aquarium Heaters Recalled by United Pet Group Due to Fire and Laceration Hazards WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the...
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    Life after CRASH...What set up???

    I would suggest something even less complicated than a FOWLR. Maybe a macro algae tank with a pair of small fish. I have always wanted to try that. Look into the Macro Algae section here. I can't imagine you would need a skimmer, UV or and sort of additives (except maybe iron). And you...
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    Deep Tank Lighting

    I like the Ice Cap 250w DE 20k bulbs.... The 250's w/electronic ballast would be the best cost/PAR, imo....
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    Did i plumb my overflow completely wrong? and noise issue...

    And, ion that last picture where you have the 90 going into the sump, I would suggest another Tee there. I will look for pictures to help explain, but what I found is that the Tee helps excess air to escape before entering the sump. Make the Tee tall ehough that water doesn't come out of it.
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    Did i plumb my overflow completely wrong? and noise issue...

    [welcome] I always use a Tee coming out of the back of the tank, then drill a hole in a caop to be able to control the siphon. I don't know of too many design that are dead silent.