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    Help with first sump - pump/overflow questions

    Hi all, I've had my reef tank set up for about 5 years in it's current location, but I've been keeping reefs for about 10 years total. In all this time I've always had HOB equipment, but now I'm considering adding a sump to my existing system. Being a relative noob with sumps I have some...
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    Royal Gramma TTM HELP

    All is well! The gramma started eating well and I dropped it in the DT this morning.
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    Royal Gramma TTM HELP

    The Gramma successfully ate some frozen Mysis this morning. This is great because tomorrow is the last transfer day. And soon it will be ready to move to the DT! :bounce2:
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    Royal Gramma TTM HELP

    It's a great reminder To be sure to disinfect everything for sure. I'm super slow and deliberate when I get fish. This tank, a 40B, has been up for about 5 years and this will only be my 5th fish (one passed, so it will be in a community of 4). I've loved grammas for a long time and had one...
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    Royal Gramma TTM HELP

    Thank you for your response. I've decided to stick with it for the safety of the DT inhabitants. The setup is pretty minimal; a heater, air stone and a few chunks of PVC for hiding places in a 5g bucket with a plexiglass lid for low lighting. I could try some rock/sand to make it easier on it...
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    Royal Gramma TTM HELP

    Hi everyone, I have a Royal Gramma in QT right now, and I'm using the TTM method and I'm on day 10. I noticed yesterday that the fish didn't really eat, and hasn't seemed to have eaten today (5/17) either. However on previous days the fish has eaten well, and the last recorded eating was on day...
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    Reef safe detergent?

    I never understand why vinegar is recommended for everything reef related as though it can do everything. In this case you need alkalinity, like sodium carbonate. That will saponify the coconut triglyceride into a soap and it will remove itself. Wash and rinse and then you are done. Any leftover...
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    cyphastrea tips?

    I noticed that mine would have a crackled look to the area between the polyps of my alkalinity was unstable. Maybe monitor your alk for swings.
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    Ph slow drop from Anion resin?

    Also the anion exchange resin will replace anions in water with OH-, higher OH- results in higher pH. So chemically it isn't even possible to get a lower pH due to your anionic resin.
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    Chemists, mathematicians and wanna be's

    I agree with Hooligan above. Also don't forget when the baking soda is baked it turns to sodium carbonate. Baking the recommended 594 g of bicarbonate turns it into about 335g of sodium carbonate. The carbonate has a solubility of about 22g/100mL. The 335g of carbonate in a gallon is about 8-9...
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    Green tint on rocks and gravel

    Mine wasn't not soft, and was on a 2 year old tank for what it's worth.
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    Green tint on rocks and gravel

    I had the same stuff on my sand too. It annoyed me enough to remove the top layer of sand and replace it.
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    Trouble with Bubble coral

    What's the magnesium? I had some acans that were angry and contracted when my mag got low.
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    Suspect MgCl Source of Lithium?

    Send in any of your supplements for ICP testing too. The brown crud is almost certainly not an indication of lithium salts. Lithium salts are usually quite soluble in water. I would suspect it is coming from whatever trace elements you were adding.
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    Brown pellets on sand identification

    Hmm...I've seen those worms elsewhere in the tank. I'll see if I can get some better pictures. These brown things almost look like a barnacle of some sort.