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    5.2 Gallons of Bioluminescence

    Wow! Looks great!
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    New house!!

    When I moved I actually set my aquarium last to set up. Gave me the extra time to really focus on the setup. I kept everything running until my last day. I then dedicated hours to the aquarium. Gave me a chance to really take care of everything in a more thought out process. Good luck...
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    Cleaning Refugiums

    I wouldn't tear it apart either. I'd just trim a few things down and clean out any remaining/visible detritus. I think tearing it apart and taking it offline may increase the chances of a hiccup in the system. Little pieces at a time have always worked for me.
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    Jay's 40B Build: Crappy Photo Edition

    Nice looking specimen you picked up. How's it holding up now?
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    reefing = dating

    Hahaha Mark. I'm there with ya now! I agree just letting things settle in and just focus on feeding and basic water changes and corals and fish seem much happier!
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    watchman goby question

    Wow, he's an old boy/girl. Coloration and everything else ok? Just acting weird?
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    can anyone tell me if this is reef safe?

    Congrats!! Thats awesome!
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    Musty smell

    The room you say is dry. But what about condensation on windows? Any pockets of mold growing may create that musty smell. Maybe a secret tunnel to the closest bar is under the floor boards and you just haven't found it yet?
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    The OTHER upstate reef club

    Sounds cool but I couldn't help but think of a The Hunger Games when you said Capital District. Lol
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    And so it begins.....

    Thanks guys. The mp10 will probably stay around 20% if that. I'm looking for a very small footprint for a power head. It is small Mark, but it goes nicely next to it's Planted Freshwater fraternal twin. TerryPercula, I'm getting some prices checked for me but I may send you a pm if it's...
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    And so it begins.....

    I'm finally back in the game. Aqueon Evolve 8 with PAR38 only 12w bulb. Ordered a GlassGnome skimmer and plan on adding some sort of refugium to the system. Looking to stock with Softies and LPS maybe a hardier SPS up on the top shelf. We shall see. Looking to possibly add an MP10ES as well.
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    New wall

    Nice Terry!
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    Just popping in to say HI!

    Hey Gary and thanks Mark. I'm sure I'll be getting ahold of you for a refresher course lol.
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    Just popping in to say HI!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. It has been a while since I have spoken to many of you. I'm no longer with the boys, just had to think of family and move on to bigger things! I haven't been in the hobby for almost 2 years now. It's starting to get to me. The wife is now giving me hints that...
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    10 Gallon Aquarium Setup FS

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest guys!