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    Rose Bubble Tips

    Are any of these still available?
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    SPS tissue loss help

    Depending on how deep and old the sand bed is, My guess is when you stirred up the sand bed you released some of the toxic gases (nitrogen sulfied) that can form in a DSB. When you released the gases they made there way into your water colum. Did u notice any sulfer odors when this happened? If...
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    Let's all break the rules!

    Everyone really needs to take a step back and just breath for a second......this forum along with the majority of all other forum based sites has turned into drama ridden, my opinion vs your opinion battle ground. This thread for the most part has remained civil but like always there are a few...
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    Anyone running a Pax-Bellum A.R.I.D.?

    Curious if anyone local has purchased one of the Pax-Bellum A.I.R.D. and if so how they like it. For anyone who doesn't know what they are it's worth checking out its a pretty neat design. The unit is basically a self contained macro algae scrubber for people with limited space who want to run...
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    Question-for those of you without a controller
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    How do you guys mix and dose kalk?

    :lmao: Eagle Eyes don't use enough Alk & Ca to need to run Kalk...:lmao:
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    SPS Help

    Bottom one is a winner top one like u said gotta go. The bottom one is great to have hosting one of your acros it's like having a housekeeper and a guard dog in one for that colony.
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    Stop and think about it......seriously!!

    I remember living back home and how bad that sucked having to drive an hour plus to get to a LFS. Since I moved to my ccurrent home (less than 10 minutes from 3 stores) i can't imagine being that far away again. I look forward to my days off to get to go check out what livestock they got in...
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    Stop and think about it......seriously!!

    I can understand and relate to where you guys are coming from. We can't expect our LFS to carry everyone's favorite brand or every piece of equipment but if your a regular and you ask several of these stores will either start carrying a brand or order it for you. Yes some things will have a mark...
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    Stop and think about it......seriously!!

    Resurrection. .........something we should all be reminded of more often....Go support your LFS!!
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    Alkalinity and Calcium dosing

    I dose bionic 2 part and amminos.
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    AI Prime Flex Arm

    I'm with yah on this. I have 2 Primes over my 29g SPS tank and not a fan of the standard mounting brackets. They are actually already selling the new Prime flex arm but I can only find them available in Australia which is a no go. I reached out to AI but haven't heard back from them yet. Link...
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    SPS/T5 coloration/spectrum

    The pale colors could be from a long list of things but in regards to your bulb combo the Blue plus seem to be the best all around bulbs for color, growth, and viewing. Just my opinion but with your T5/LED set up and the number of white to blue leds I would go with either 3 blue plus and 1 coral...
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    90 Gallon Break Down Sale - Coral/Fish/Equipment/Tank/Stand/Canopy

    This dude right here is wild....CPT for life
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    FT Toxic bounce shroom

    For you only $200.....jk buddy you know I'll hold one for you.