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  • Hi. My name it's Errol. I'm from Puerto Rico. I know English but a little bit. I have problems with nitrates in my 75 gallons. I'm very interested in a methanol reactor but I don't understand some things about it!!! An example are the flush, how the water goes from the sump to the reservoir. How I introduce the methanol? How the water goes from the reservoir to the tank because in the pics I see the water it's brown (Full of bacteria). What equipment I need to put my reactor. I have a 5 gallons, do you think I will use it for build my reactor?
    Will you send me a video of your reactor with the equipment, how it flush and how it transport s the water to the sump-tank...Thanks and excuse my English.....
    Hey matt, i got home late and could not call you... What time can I call you tomorrow.
    BTW your inbox is full
    Matt, I don't know if you got my number. My home is 954-424-9026. I'm the guy with the 1000 gallon garage tank.
    Hello, I saw ur comments about viewing DIY led w/1 x 50w 20k, 1 x 20w 16k, 1 x 20w R/B and 1 x 20w H/B. Im considering 3 DIY modules using those LEDs. B4 giving up my dollars, I'd really like to see videos or photos of this led combination w/noted tank size. U can send them to my gmail or cell, or post here. I'm workn on 150g, let me know which is cobvenient for u, no more m/h or t5's ever again ;-)
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