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    Three anemones in Fiji

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing
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    My new A. bicinctus

    Wow, I'd like a pair of these
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    Latz clowns with a haddoni?

    Mine sharing a pic of your Latz's
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    Koralia powerhead for 150 gal tank

    Welcome to the hobby, Depends on what your planning on keeping
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    Happy New Year Any input on this light

    For a 29 gallon tank
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    Spotted Mandarin

    this is a interesting thread, you would think a healthy 29 g with lots of rock and pods . that the little guy would be in heaven
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    Stichodactyla tapetum

    very nice, thanks for sharing
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    free stuff

    to anyone that will come get it fast, tanks , pumps, mostly fresh water stuff but have a ton of saltwater sell that i will sell for cheep needs to all go look me up on here
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    LA gig on the way

    wow you let clowns just jump right in man
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    Breeding Pair Rich today

    wow, good luck with them
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    How to put a fish to sleep (euthanize)

    I've always cleaved with a machete or butcher knife, Geez did you make sushi too. :fish2: :lmao: why not just try treating it are let it die on lts on
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    Can Asteria Stars harm (eat) Zoas

    Times 2
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    Is this an Acan?

    looks like 2 acan heads to me
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    Feed what your clowns will eat in 2 minutes?

    there hungry little guys. very nice you raise them
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    Anemone ID

    wow that second pic is crystal clear, and purdy