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    Best way to make sump baffles the strongest

    I actually tried this at one point. There is an extremely low tolerance for the pressure fit to work. Plus like DWZM said, it's not a very dependable seal. Maybe if the water levels are very low, but at high levels, 10"+, the baffle would be pushed over. Not worth it.
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    Join me for a strange one...

    Nice work - very impressive!
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    430g reef tank Lighting

    What are the dimensions of the tank?
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    Calling all electricians (AFCI Question)

    smarter people will chime in, but the advantage a GFCI has is that you can localize what equipment gets shut off when it trips. If you AFCI trips, the whole tank goes down, period. Also, I think that BeanAnimal has said it before but putting more than one circuit interrupter in series causes...
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    I hate silicone!!!!!!!!

    Tip #1, if you are going to use your finger, dip it in rubbing alcohol first - the silicone will come right off. Tip #2: use the masking tape as mentioned, put the silicone on and then right after application (and smoothing) pull the blue tape - now you have that nice clean edge. DON'T WAIT...
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    Biocube Exhaust Fans

    Keep in mind, that those bolts/nuts will rust eventually. So if you can cover/coat them somehow to prevent that, it would be advisable.
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    Frozen food Auto feeder...

    ReeferAl did this in a build thread which I am too lazy to search for. Check it out.
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    The process begins...

    Well, I'll look at the tank when I get there. I think that Holly and I are coming up either on Monday or Tuesday evening - that sound ok to you?
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    The process begins...

    Jason, I can't call right now - but I'll also take the fish feeder and a mag350 too when I come to pick up the tank.
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    Vinegar dosing measurments?

    Oh, I should also ask - what would be good test kits to get to read the NO3 and PO4?
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    Vinegar dosing measurments?

    Just to be clear, just follow the instructions for vodka dosing, but multiply the amounts indicated by 8x. And that would follow as with the entire regimen? Then compensate for the PH drop with a buffer, which can be premixed with the vinegar?
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    The process begins...

    Interested in the 33 long - pm sent.
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    Livestock seeking a new home.

    Jason, I'm interested in the other pygmy angel - have they shown aggression to other species (clowns, damsels, etc)?
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    Adoption Clearing House!

    It's yours Kevin. Email coming.
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    Adoption Clearing House!

    ome of you, but the big news lately, and why I haven't been too active on this site, is that Holly and I adopted a son! It was bit of a whirlwind, since the normal adoption process takes 6-12 months on average - but we were lucky enough to get our son from notification to birth in 2 months...