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  • Hello,

    I've been browsing like crazy for information on Warty Anemones since I think I found one hiding in my LR and I kind of stumbled upon some posts you wrote regarding having one. I started a thread in "Anemone's and Clownfish" under the title "ID Anemone in live rock" and I don't want to bother but I'd appreciate if you could give me some information about the Warty Anemone from your personal experience and if you could take a look at these pictures (in the thread I posted mentioned above) and tell me if you think it is warty or not. People have said everything from LTA to rock flower to sebae anemone.
    I appreciate any input you can give me on feeding and lighting if it is the kind you've cared for before. Thanks in advance!
    Hi I noticed you're from CT. too and also new SH. Maybe you help me with some questions? Where did you get your horses? Who/what do you rely on for the best information/knowledge of the best set-ups? I made a few posts today too.
    Hey Mike, I wanted to thank you quick. Just came from setting up the 29 collin grabbed from you at my friends place. Looks great, loaded with baby nerites, cerinths and blue legs, even some good starter corals (he also thinks he saw a tiny shrimp). He couldn't be more psyched with the set up and you really saved him a bundle on the initial leap. Thanks for giving so much to the community/ hobby.
    PS clown goby's doing well, eating frozen and I saw collinrbs inverts, wow! That slug is especially cool. Hope your cuc's well!
    I definity would be! I have been after Todd for awhile,maybe you will have better luck. I could not do this week,no funds. Lost a week of work. made it thru this storm just fine, lost my clam but I think it was my fault. I need a better lite for the 90. Hope to see at the mtg.
    just got power back! I have read about feeding them those but since it is not really a normal type food they would find, they may not see them as food and your "food source" may quickly become a nuisance. mollies and guppy have a large appetite and very active. This might stress the horses. I have had both in saltwater and I noticed they do not reproduce vey well in saltwater which was good compared to fresh water. When I had mollies and guppies in fresh, I was getting babies very ever.
    Where did you get your horse from? what type? Congrat!!!!
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