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    My New 100 Gallon Shallow Rimless SPS Build

    Thanks Thanks Reefsahoy, Thanks for the reply! I like the solder and sleeve idea. I will likely steal them from you. Now that it is soldered if you were going to take your fixture down would you unscrew the mounts at the fixture or at the top of the cable? Once you take the weight off I...
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    My New 100 Gallon Shallow Rimless SPS Build

    Thoughts and Lessons Learned Thoughts and Lessons Learned Reefsahoy, I really like the way you have shared your reef through this thread. Nice job all the way around. I am putting up a new Infinity 250w 4- 54W T5s fixture this weekend. I would appreciate any thoughts and or lessons...
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    Black Substance Spreading

    How did you remove it?
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    Black Substance Spreading

    Black Substance Image Black Substance Image
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    Black Substance Spreading

    RC Folks, I have a black substance beginning to spread on some of my live rock. It looks like tar but it is not sticky when you touch it. It peels off when you pick at it with you finger nail. Does anyone have an idea what this might be and how I should deal with it? Thanks, Mike
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    Crabs or Shrimp Eating Acan Lord Polyps

    RC Folks, Over the past month I have put three colonies of Acan Lords in my reef. There is something eating some of the polyps. I have netted out Peppermint Shrimp and hermit crabs since they appear to be on these colonies beyond casual cleaning. I don’t think the Peppermints are...
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    Nuisance Orange Mushrooms

    RC Folks, Years ago I put a colony of orange mushrooms into my reef. Unfortunately they have propagated so much they have become a nuisance in my system. Over the past couple of years I have injected them with kalk, and scraped them off live rock. They just keep coming back all over my reef...
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    Experience with Elos Natural Skimmer 1000 ??

    RC Folks, Does anyone have any experience with the Elos 1000 Skimmer? Their small foot print is appealing to me. From a sizing perspective I have a heavy bio-load SPS tank with total water volume of around 130 gallons. Thanks, Mike
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    Suggestions for reducing micro bubbles from a gate valve

    RC Folks My protein skimmer has a gate valve. The water level of the sump is just above the top of the gate valve. Currently I have an excessive amount of micro bubbles flowing out of the skimmer from the gate valve. Will raising the level of the skimmer to set the water level just below the...
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    Free Shipping on Aquaconnect Lamps??

    Does anyone know a vendor who offers free shipping on a couple of Aquaconnect lamps? Thanks, Mike
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    Best Small Footprint Skimmers

    RC Folks I am in the market for a new skimmer. I would like a skimmer rated for a heavy bio-load for a 200 gallon reef. I need a footprint size not much bigger than 9x5.5x8. I have been looking at Aqua C and Deltec but I am open minded to any brand. I would appreciate your thoughts...
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    Brass Gate Valve

    Any concerns using a brass gate valve instead of a PVC ball valve to control water flow from a pump in my sump?
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    Increasing the Strength of 2 Part?

    Thanks Randy! I thought that might be the answer. It was only a convenience issue for me. Hoping otherwise but not surprised. Have a great weekend. Mike
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    Increasing the Strength of 2 Part?

    RC Folks I dose 2 part solutions through Liter Meters. I would like to reduce the number of times I have to mix the solutions and the amount I have to dose in my reef to maintain the Alk and Ca levels. Is there a reason I should not increase the strength of the solution by 50% or 100% to...
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    Elos Mag Syringe

    I tried an Elos magnesium test kit tonight. For those with experience with this test kit where do you measure the water volume on the syringe rubber plunger at the 3 ml mark? It has two marking lines. Use the top or the bottom one? Thanks, Mike