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  • Do you have pics of the tank? I'm very interested in buying it. Any plumbing included? Would you be willing to deliver to corona? Not sure it would fit in my car
    Great tank this month dude! I tried to enter the nano totm for March and it says the thread is closed. Any ideas what is up? Thanks in advance.
    hey chris email me at that way i can get more into the issues or questions and my response will be alot faster since I haven't been on here too much lately.


    May i ride your coat tail and get all you know about solona 25 gal tank mine is about 4 months old. I have a viper 150 mh with a fan seems to be ok. I have issues with bubbles unless i stuff the middle chamber with material is this wrong should i use carbon should i get a bigger pump or add one sorry so many questions i love the look of your tank how is your nitrate level will all the life in you tank? I have my nitrate around 10/20 and i can't seem to get it to 0.
    I would appreciate any help you could give me
    this is my first salt water tank.
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