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    The whole coral pricing has become a joke

    I don't I take exception to the notion that this hobby wouldnt exist without ancillary businesses and to these particular statements: I thought I'd made that clear before. I'm glad some clever people have figured out how to make things I want to buy to assist me in my hobby. I'm not so keen...
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    Anyone Thinking of Dumping LEDS and going back to Halides

    I can only speak for myself here but there are compelling reasons for me to refrain from posting images of my tank for RC to view. I have posted many pictures on another forum over the years. A forum where I actually know the other posters and we get together to share drinks, food and...
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    Adding a humuhumu

    You can put a humu humu in your reef but yes it will sample things and likely eat your lobster, crabs, snails and other motile invertibrates. It will chew on your rocks, pick up the rocks it can lift and rearrange them(mostly to get at the undersides). It may squirt water out of the tank. A...
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    The whole coral pricing has become a joke

    I take great exception to this claim. People have been keeping captured sea life for as long as we've had buckets. We get better at keeping them alive, you know DC pumps instead of air stones or say, stirring spoons etc. But this hobby preexisted it's "industry" particularly the overpriced...
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    Advice for Electric Green Carpet needed!

    Amonia .25 could be a problem. Nem in photo looks fine. I kept a green haddoni back in the '90s that looked similar. It seemed to thrive in my mixed nano reef under a 175 watt MH SE 5500k pendent. I fed it regularly. Upon inspection your tank looks kind of sterile. Is it new?
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    Anyone Thinking of Dumping LEDS and going back to Halides

    So jda better and worse aren't subjective but absolutes? That is a fascinating perspective. Everyone has opinions. I once applied an expensive Venetian plaster finish to the interior of a luxury home. I saw the man of the house inspecting the work and asked what he thought of it. He told me...
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    Auto Top-Off suggestions needed!

    I use a ten gallon pressurized RO resevoir plumbed to a Watt humidifier float valve mounted to a plastic spring clamp drilled to accommodate the threaded bit. My current tank is sumpless, my old tank had the same valve mounted through the side of the sump for oh 20ish years without failure. It...
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    The whole coral pricing has become a joke

    So you saw the bolded part of the quote? BTW making a livelihood isn't the same thing as a hobby. Additionally I set up my first nano for less than CAD$200 it yielded many frags that I gave away for free, but of course we were a small tight knit group that supported one another back then as...
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    this is sad news for the world's reefs

    This. Funny how Faux News spins this as the fault of El Nino.
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    If you're concerned about your security deposit you might throw down one of those rubber bottom mud room carpets where you intend to place your stand. If the carpet extends beyond the tank little incidents won't end in disaster. Floods are another thing entirely and carpet is more forgiving...
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    The whole coral pricing has become a joke

    I can't deny that aquaculture setup and operation can be expensive. But frags are just an externality of successful reef keeping. Some corals frag themselves, some you make by accident say cleaning the glass or even moving a rock. Regardless frags happen and we(local reefers) used to geve them...
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    This is good news indeed. I have some very rare specimens to sell to customers with such means and discretion :spin2:
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    Thoughts About the Current State of the Reef Hobby

    Except of course for those of us who prefer not to post pictures. What you claim is akin to asking your financial manager to show you his bank statement as proof of expertise.
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    The ultimate minimalist reef

    Mine never made croaking noises so I'd say it isn't normal. I ran two 3"ish diffusers in a 4" diameter skimmer. I say double down and see if you get more bubbles.