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    Tank Breakdown

    Foster City
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    Tank Breakdown

    Rbta (2-4") - $35
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    Tank Breakdown

    PM for pics Softie Price Jawbreaker colony (8 mushrooms on detachable rock) 600 Leather Toadstool 50 Gorgonia 75 LPS Price OG Holy Grail Torch (got from Cali Kid) 750 Indo Gold (one separated head died, 2-3 heads remaining) 250 Warpaint Scoly 125 Bleeding Apple Scoly 250 Randy's Flamus...
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    Neptune apex system

    If you decide to part out, I'd be interested in the dos
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    Easy Bay (Pleasanton) : lots of stuff for sale or trade

    Mp40 Mp40 How much for the mp40s? Whats the manufacture date?
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    Rainbow BTA and large leather mushroom

    Rainbow BTAs are 1"-3". Got from aquatic collection 2 years ago. $40 Leather mushroom is 5" in diameter and starting to split. $50 Pickup in foster city
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    Pc Rainbow frags/mini colonies FS

    Are any pc rainbow frags still available?
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    MP10QD for sale $160

    Interested if sale falls through
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    Selling live rock with mushrooms and xenia. Also selling some leathers

    5 lb live rock with tons of fuzzy mushrooms and pulsing xenia. 50 Neon leather toadstool frag. 15 Huge brown leather mushroom. 80 Pm me for pics.
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    HW frags $75 and other nice SPS

    I bought a few frags from Mike over the past month and they are all doing great. Buy with confidence!
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    FS: blue tang

    Yes it is.
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    FS: blue tang

    I have a disease-free blue tang that has been in my tank for about a year now. It is 2.5-3" and its getting too big for my system. Yours for $35.