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  • OMG LoVe The avatar pic! I had that fish once! it was awesome cant remember for the life of me what they are called!!!
    What do you have for frags? I could probably drive out to your house, when would be good for you?
    hey what time should i swing by today to look at the frags just give me a call text or email me to let me know thanks
    Hey-I didnt hear from you and I thought they must be sold so I deleated the info about them..if they are still 4-sale, tell me about them..I am probably still interested. Thanks
    i tried to call you a little bit ago... call me if youd like..came would you be willing to drive 50 -55 miles.. would take you about 45 min to get there. and ill drive the rest of 109 miles.. i did some mapquesting and came up with a location if this sounds good.
    Twinspotgoby (Frank) has his account got screwed up and asked me to forward his personal email address. He said you guys are working on a coral transaction. Anyway, let me know if I can help.
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