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  • any idea on a small , inexpensive skimmer under 150 or so for a 55 gallon with a 20 high sump.
    Could you take a look at my Scorp ID thread in the FO/Aggressive if you haven't already? Thanks.
    I tried a small HOB canister made by Tom a few years ago, and while it worked, it was cheaply made and didn't come close to the flow rate they specified.

    The reports I've read on this filter on one of the sites said it was OK, but one did warn against overtightening the hose clamps. They had leaky hoses and apparently cracked the plastic hose barb while attempting to remedy the problem (I think a bit of teflon plumbing tape around the barb before you fire it up might be a good idea).
    Hey sorry to bother you but i need some filtration help ....
    i was planning on getting the API Nexx filter and add a HOB skimmer , but people weren't to sure on that and i had another option but its stretching the limits on my budget. its the Tom Rapids Pro Series RP3 Canister Filter band was wondering what you thought.
    I tried to PM you, but your Inbox is full. So I'll just post here.

    What would be the best way to contact Kevin since I can't PM him?
    Hey, don't you have a website/pic collection of all your fish? If it is you what's the address? I was saving it to get ideas of what fish I wanted but lost it
    Nope, but they are one of the larger species of scorps, and are not a true stonefish. The most toxic species readily available are the waspfish and the stingfish.
    Is the Scorpaena plumieri "Spotted Stonefish" the very venomous scorpion you talk about in your library?
    I currently don't have the tank setup. I do have a 55 that's going to be up as soon as I get some weekends where I'm not working.
    Namxas do you use any websites to purchase your fish other than liveaquaria? I'm really interested in starting a lion and scorpion tank but I've been having trouble finding them. P.s. Your yellow spot scorp is freaking awesome.
    Hey thanks for that reponse to the pot belly post of mine, If you know anyones contact e-mail that I could use to get a hold of them to continue my search that would be really appreciated! Thanks,
    You have some replies in your thread on RC, but it's just a yellow color morph of D. brachypterus. These fish are only found in the Lembeh Strait and are fairly rare. I suspect it's price tag is in the $300+ range. Since they're a "just" fuzzy, the care is the same.
    hi...ive read alot of your posts here and you seem like you would know pretty much anything about lionfish and i was curious if you know anything about a canary dwarf lionfish? also if they differ in care from a normal dwarf fuzzy lionfish?
    yeah im sure. i own 2 fuzzies. and 1 d barberie. looks exactly like my fuzzies and a hair smaller. my barberi is not even half the size of the white and grey one
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