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    Cowrie ID

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    Cowrie ID

    Please ID what kind of cowrie in the attached pictures. Are they reef safe? Thanks
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    Nanokiper 45 Gallon LPS and Softie Tank

    Zoas update Sunflower and metallic orange Scoly, green-orange wih yellow green My fav chalice, dotted pink Yellow toadstoll and blue xenia Copepods (white dot), lot of them in the main tank during light off Fishes Local yellow tang, almost same to hawaiian yellow tang 3 year old royal...
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    Nanokiper 45 Gallon LPS and Softie Tank

    Thanks. Most local reefers are looking for collectible specie...for one...blastomossa, usually found in deeper water.
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    Nanokiper 45 Gallon LPS and Softie Tank

    Thanks kabayan. Lots of colorful zoas are recently discovered here by one of the local reefers. The first picture below is actually imported specie which costs ten fold than the zoa in the second pic; the local zoa is only about a week resindent of the tank I had been in Boracay several...
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    Nanokiper 45 Gallon LPS and Softie Tank

    Thanks for the compliment. Pictures below were taken in September 2010. Most of the frags came from fellow reefers Orange digitata tricolor acro on the top and luminuous green pocillopora Red acropora The orange monti Unfortunately, all of them did not do good when we moved to...
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    Nanokiper 45 Gallon LPS and Softie Tank

    After fairly successful with SPS dominated 45 gallon rimless cube, I decided to set a less demanding tank since I have no longer the time to care for such delicate corals. The tank is actually skimmerless with live rock and chaeto as the main course of filtration sytem. Detritus, accumulated...
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    January nTOTM - Voting!!!

    Nice tank! Congrats
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    April 2007 nTOTM- Nanokiper's 30G SPS-LPS Tank

    Playing with my new macro prime lens, 100mm f2.8. Blastomussa corals are rare, and despite the difficulty to obtain, I am able to have few of them. The blastomussa below was just a tissue of the polyp and now it is a fully healed polyp, and thriving! Chalices Duncan Happy...
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    April 2007 nTOTM- Nanokiper's 30G SPS-LPS Tank

    Thanks! The tank has been operational since 2005; infact, live stocks from fellow reefers at that time I joined the contest, are still thriving. For one, the rare digitata of my long time friend, Doc Mike had RTN and almost perished but did recover and continouly thriving. I am also selective of...
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    May's nTOTM Thread- sjfishguy's SPS dominated 30 cube

    Great tank...amazing colors!
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    May 2008 nTOTM Entries Needed!!

    Nice tank! Two thumbs up:)
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    Please help ID my starfish

    Bought this from local fish store. They said this is duoble starfish but when I checked whether it is reefsafe, I could'nt find such name in the internet. Please help ID this little creature. Thanks in advance.:)
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    Two flasher wrasses in 29 gallon tank.

    Thanks for your previous advices. The flasher wrasses has been two weeks now in my 29 gallon tank, the carpenteri is 2.5 inches while the line spot is about 2 inches. There was no fighting observed except the occasional chasing of the carpenteri to the line spot especially during feeding time...