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    tank emptied on floor, need a 4'x'2 tank asap

    Wow! So what happen? Of course when u have time to post. Good luck
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    Hey everyone! Looking for a tank soon

    Thanks for all the offers everyone but found on the 19th we had to be out of rental by the 22nd. So with friends help we moved everything back home. PGE still didn’t have any power for us and we gave them all the requested info over 2 mo ago. It’s a long long story. But just got electric today...
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    Hey everyone! Looking for a tank soon

    As some of you know I had a house fire and lost my tank and all it's inhabitants. House almost rebuilt and I'm looking for a tank. I'm not really sure of size but under 120gal I still want glass since I know I can't keep plexiglass from the coralline. Maybe a cube ? Euro brace. Lmk if anyone...
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    135 Leemar

    Nice.... looking for a tank but house won’t be ready till end of June. Are you in a rush to sell?
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    Free: 57 gal rimless tank AS-IS

    Here's the deal I had a house fire Tank undamaged from fire since most of the house was damage by the smoke I had the demo crew move to the garage I did a quick check and didn't see any damage to it but it's as is Will need lots of cleaning but nice looking when done Pickup must be within...
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    70G Leemar Rimless Cube

    Nice tank! I’ll be in the market for a tank in a year or so once house gets rebuild. Mario- I’m going owe u a chiller since the one you lent me was damaged in the fire. Thanks again
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    Can someone save my sps corals? House fire

    Update Looks like The contents of the house will be a total loss. The house itself will be torn down to do framing and rebuilt Inside They are estimating 9 to 10 months We are currently looking for a house in our neighborhood price range up to 7 k mo Thank God insurance is covering this I...
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    Free livestock from house fire

    All found a home Thanks
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    Can someone save my sps corals? House fire

    Some details of what happen No one except my fish was lost Fire starting in the garage Fire investigator thinks that it started in the furnace and in one of the ducks into the house. Luck for us someone hear smoke detector going off and saw the smoke. Fire dept arrives in mins saving the...
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    Can someone save my sps corals? House fire

    Sorry just too much happening now but what’s still was picked up Thanks
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    Free livestock from house fire

    In sf Still see some live Yuma pink mushroom Hermit crabs misc
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    Can someone save my sps corals? House fire

    Had a house fire today and power is out Fish all died but corals seem fine Other things alive for now Hope someone can come by and get them Hopefully in the a.m. I'm in SF on molimo Txt me 4155178963 if you can help after 7am 3/14 Just took these pic the day before...
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    Wtb : pink lemonade sps

    Anyone local has a Frag for sale