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    RSM and 45g cube with livestock must go ASAP

    Hey I'm posting this from the road and on my iPhone so forgive my brevity. I just ended a long term relationship and unfortunately have to move by the first. I can't bring the tanks with me and honestly life's been so busy lately that they've seen better days. The red sea max is a 34g tank...
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    Jims 16" bubble

    The apex jr actually has 4 different customizable Feed programs that you choose when to activate, and what they do. They last for however long you program them to and can be cancelled early anytime. Not to mention the countless other abilities it has.
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    WTB/WTT DRILLED 5.5g Tank

    Hey guys, So I have the drill bit to make 1 1/4" holes, but I'm 1/6 in making holes. The only hole I got to work without cracking the pane, I broke while trying to install it into my system. I'm sick of wasting money on these 5.5g tanks as I'm over $50 in garbage at this point. :headwalls: I...
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    Jims 16" bubble

    $100 on a switch? Seems like you should've just forked over the extra $50 for an Apex Jr.... Or even spend the same money on an RKL.
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    Jims 16" bubble

    I've been watching this the whole time Jim, it looks beautiful. Great job on the tank, can't wait to see it stocked and in your living room!
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    Thos with Vortechs

    What setting are the mp40's on? Different settings will give you different flow patterns. Also, where are they in your tank? Placement affects everything, especially relative to your aqua scape. My pair of mp10's have my whole 45g cube rockin and rolling on any setting above ~50%. Try...
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    Free nano gobies, Ascension Goby, Trima goby, eviota goby

    I'll take them if they're still available. Let me know
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    The BIG MESS and The Re-Build

    Just a guess, but Mr. Coral? Sorry for your loss, looks like you're already on the right road to recovery though!
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    Good Deal?

    definitely a good deal, imo.
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    Off topic question on Craig's List advertisement

    You're basically asking for advice on how to deal with people. Craigslist is just a classifieds for the internet.
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    coolest headboard ever! owner chad ochocinco !

    Those pictures are awful.. And obviously TV's go without saying.. Cool bedroom tank though, wonder how quiet it is?
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    Apex Firmware Update - 4.11 Beta

    Any hopes of being able to customize names/add more feed modes in the next update? Thanks!
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    Apex Jr and Aqua Notes NEED HELP

    You could borrow one..
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    Preparing For The Hurricane.....

    Powers back on, lost one of my mated harlequins and two emerald crabs. Other than that all the corals look great, glad thats over.
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    Preparing For The Hurricane.....

    Im in Bellmore and we still dont have power back.. Mp10s on a battery back up and I gotta admit my LPS has never been puffier... Would really love power back though, getting a little nervous about the sump.