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    75 gallon stocking list

    Even two dragonettes would be difficult. I do understand the want, they are very cool fish but, please read up on the feeding requirements.
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    Orange or purple firefish?

    I voted for the orange because that is my second favorite firefish/dartfish. Consider the Helfrichi firefish. This is the most beautiful of all the dartfish, in my opinion. It is more expensive. They go for $80 at my lfs. The helfrichi is similar in behavior and habits to the more common...
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    Blue Cleaner wrasse feeding help

    Yep, and the neon gobies will clean, if that is the behavior you are after, without overly harassing your other fish. I think the cleaner wrasses are best left in the ocean. See my video in the Scuba section to better understand how these fish live in the wild. They clean at a frenetic pace...
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    If you were to do it all over again, what would you do?

    This sounds similar to my build except, I am going with a less tall tank. 48 x 24 x 21". It is a pain to work on a tank when you can't easily reach the bottom. I too am going with the two mountain with channel rock layout. My tank now has rock against the back glass and I have grown to really...
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    How long should I expect Peppermints to take before they start eating Aiptasia?

    Had a couple dozen of the pests. Added two shrimps. Nothing happened for about two weeks. Then suddenly there were fewer aiptasia. A couple weeks later all were gone. My pep shrimps only ate at night with lights off. It has been several years and I have never seen an aiptasia since. It...
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    Just an old coot ranting

    I really enjoy your sense of humor. I relate to your reef keeping too. I have gone away on vacation for three weeks. No one was home to do anything to my reef. I only asked a friend to stop by and add five gallons of water to my top-off bin. No dosing, no feeding, no maintenance at all...
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    Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse Station

    Thank you Adrienne. It was amazing to see and I had to share it with a community that would appreciate it.
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    Raja Ampat Pictures

    Nice shots! Looks like a great trip!
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    Cleaner Wrasse and Large Fish

    I watched a Hawaiian cleaner wrasse clean probably close to 100 fish in an hour. This was in the wild of course. I don't think we can provide enough fish with parasites to keep this species fed.
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    Cleaner Wrasse and Large Fish

    I think these (the cleaner wrasses) are fish best left in the ocean. They provide such an important service. I have a tank bred neon goby that rides around on my BT Tang and this is a much better solution to the desire of watching cleaning behavior. Large fish seem to know not to eat these...
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    Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse Station

    Snorkeling near Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, I ran into a cleaning station so I took some footage and threw together a short (1:45) video. It is amazing what you can see while snorkeling over a coral reef. These two little wrasses worked non-stop for the hour or so I spent watching them...
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    Reef turns 8 yrs old today

    Can't see them either. Would like to but not sure why I can't. I use Photobucket myself, so I know it is not the host site.
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    100s if not thousands

    From your description, I think I have seen these too, after lights out, once in a while. In my tank, they are usually only in an area with low-ish flow (the far back corner of the tank). They seem to come and go and only are present in visible numbers if nutrient levels go up. They are always...
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    Using Pipefish to eat red bugs and Blacks

    FROM AN EARLIER POST: I know I sound like a broken record, but Dragon face pipefish are not the answer. They will eat some Red Bugs but not enough to make a big difference for your corals. I did a semi-scientific experiment on this topic. I literally counted bugs on one coral branch every day...
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    Anyone growing Anemones under L.E.D.?

    Every tank and every anemone is different. My LTA went from 7 or so inches to over 9" in diameter under AI Sol Blues for the last couple of years. I really don't want it to grow any bigger. This anemone seems to grow or shrink depending on how much food it catches. I don't feed it anymore...