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    When to buy??

    When do most of you decide it's time to get replacement MH bulbs? Are there warning signs or do you normally just replace at the 8-12 month mark?
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    Royal Gramma HELP !!!

    Ok, I really just wasnt expecting to see him act the way he is acting. It looks like an eel with its mouth wide open. Of course the damsel isn't backing down so they keeping jabbing back and forth. If they can work it out I would prefer to keep both of them.
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    Royal Gramma HELP !!!

    Ok, kinda moved a little rock and coral around but it didnt seem to do a whole lot. Tomorrow I might just have to rescape the entire tank. I think the gamma would normally be peaceful if he didnt happen to stay right in the damsels cave.
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    Royal Gramma HELP !!!

    I just picked up a royal gramma from a lfs. The fish has been acclimated but it appears to be the spawn of satan. I have had a small damsel that keeps to himself and never bothers another fish in the tank. This gramma instantly swam into the damsels small area and will NOT leave. Any idea...
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    Need help with fish list

    Looking for a little advice before I start ordering anything. I have a 90g with 20g sump + refugium. Right now I am looking at: Yellow Tang Small Cardinal 2 X false clowns royal gramma sixline wrasse coral beauty/flame angel flame hawk 1 Pink Square Anthias All should remain fairly small...