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    Calcium low at 8 dkh

    Don't push up your Alk if your nutrients are low. You will kill your Acros. I run my Alk 6.8 to 8ish max.
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    420 gal SPS dominant tank at three years old.

    Really nice, I have always admired this tank and the area that it is situated in. Looks great.
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    My First Tank and Build Process

    Looks really good!
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    Finally after 6 years

    Nice looking setup! I love the old school choice of lighting. You will get some serious colour! I have the same lamp in addition to 4 ATI Blue plus over my frag tank. You will be getting acros soon, trust me.
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    120G Reef Tank

    Looks good! I would get the Mili off the sand though. Other that that Great Job!
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    The next level! 65g SPS

    Very nice Greentree, I really like the Red Planet
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    one coral peeling, others doing great

    I would frag a some of it. It looks like a nice milli. I wouldn't give up on the rest of it though.
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    Joy to share my sps tank.

    Looks Great!
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    Urbanek's 250

    Really great display! I love the deep saturated colors you get and how the LPS is also thriving. That's not easy to pull off.
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    Great looking tank! Your photography skills are very good also.
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    Scribbled Angelfish in mixed reef tank???

    I wouldn't. I haven't had good luck with Angels in reefs, even feeding them a lot. Once they've tasted coral, it's game over.
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    gfo in a 5 gallon nano reef

    Doubt you would need it. What are you using for your makeup water? Sounds more like diatoms.
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    question above evaporation cooling

    Partially depends on the humidity. Evaporation can be very effective. There is a guy that posts on here who has an outdoor tank in the California desert where it hit's over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. With just a cover and a Sears box fan he keeps it around 82. Keep the humidity low and a 10 degree...
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    Last resort for GHA?

    Looking at the picture it would appear that you don't have much in the way of a cleanup crew. I would have a good 50 astrea snails in there an a fish that eats algae like a lawnmower blenny of even a kole tang if it were me. I am not sure about RO, but I don't think it is known for removing...
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    Alk level

    Around 7 to as high as 8. I shoot for around 7.5 but it seems to get used up fast some days.