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    Yellow coris wrasse

    If you could catch the adorned, it might help to keep it in an acclimation box for a few days...not an easy task though.
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    Yellow coris wrasse

    They are related, so it's not too surprising. How big is the tank? How mature/big is adorned?
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    Help identifying new coral

    First one has a Montipora digitata and a Stylophora/Pocillopora. Second one, I agree, looks like a branching hammer...or possibly another branching Euphyllia.
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    Need opinions on led lights

    "Disco ball effect" doesn't refer to lack of shimmer. I'm not here to debate MH v LED v T5. You asked what he meant by "unnatural." Many folks that run LEDs have them too blue, and they have the disco ball look of non-blended, different colored spots of lights that look like a seizure. That...
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    Need opinions on led lights

    To puts words in his mouth, he's probably referring to the disco ball effect, or the heavy blue look, or both.
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    Stocking list for 180

    Totally reasonable, if not conservative, list. I don't see any compatibility issues either.
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    200 g stock list idea ?

    Genicanthus genus angels like Lamarck, bellus, swallowtail, wantanabe are coral safe.
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    Need opinions on led lights

    The 3' length makes it tough. I believe all three of the lights are about 18"x18" spread. You could hang them high and crank them up. Are you supplementing with t5? That helps. Maybe add more T5s instead of LED? There are bigger LED fixtures with more spread. Or maybe a black box, in...
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    Why aren't fresh water feeder fish ok?

    Fat content and makeup is different. Goldfish also contain a substance (thiaminase) that binds vitamins, causing deficiency.
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    Need opinions on led lights

    What's the dimensions of a 30 breeder? The AI Prime looks like it has the least spread.
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    Tang and Nori?

    Kole tangs and the other Ctenochaetus genus don't always eat nori. They aren't normal algae eaters you might think of, like the other tangs. Instead, they are slim/film algae and detritus eaters in nature.
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    PLEASE Stocking Help

    I should have been more clear. Leopards are okay in groups, while most wrasses aren't. Huge tank though. I would still skip the Scott's, but your list looks basically fine to me.
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    PLEASE Stocking Help

    Jealous. What are the tank dimensions? I would skip the Scott's wrasse. Very aggressive for a fairy wrasse and they lose their color. And no pairs of wrasses. They will all turn male eventually.
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    Building 1600 Gallon Bioshock Themed Octopus Tank

    Look. Four Years Ago you showed us plans for this tank and promised pictures and video of it filling/running. You promised that you would prove all the naysayers wrong. Now, after nearly two years of silence, you update us saying that it ran fine for nearly a year. And now the house burned...