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  • Why would anyone search and read through 150 pages of a reef build blog hoping to find a vet that just happened to have filed for disability in an effort to trick or defraud you? Think about it, does that make any since to you? You could not have called that number I gave you I just dialed the number it's the VA Compliance office in DC. I work for the federal Government, in fact the Department of the Army. I was trying to help you out. It took me three years to get my VA disability back pay so I know how it feels. What's worse is that You deleted my post and replaced it with a monkey and you fail to see the irony in that. The only person that's ever said anything negative to me just happened to be one of the only other black American and fellow Army Vet on this forum. In any case, if you are really a Vet maybe I typed the wrong number (202)-273-5674. Like I said I know how it feels, and I would like to see you made whole. Good luck to you.
    Hi Newbie Aquarist. I read your comments on DanFeig's tank thread. Do you have any pics of your tank? At 450g, I think you are likely not a Newbie anymore!
    Whats up Wayne. Send me a link to your youtube channel. So I can see videos of you setup
    just let me know when and I will make sure I am home. Its still a work in progress but the basics are there. I still gotta skin the stand and tidy up wiring etc but u can get the general idea of size and height etc and I dont know what style you are going with but mines is a peninsula
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