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  • HaHa! No, I was stuck taking care of grandma. She's been home from the nursing home/hospital for 3 weeks now after a 3 1/2 month stay. She's doing really well, but can't ever be left alone. She has dementia.
    Yes, I am still interested in selling it. It is stll brand new having never had water touch it, still in the original box. I would be willing to sell it for $300 plus shipping. I do not know how much shipping would be basically because I have back and shoulder problems that make it difficult for me to carry it into UPS and I don't know how to determine shipping without taking it in.
    You still selling the model four sump?? I was looking to upgrade my sump when I came across your post. Could you use the side compartments for a refugium??
    How much for shipping to Grand Rapids Michigan. Fosters/Smith has the same model listed for 408.00 plus shipping. Wiest88@sbcglobal.net
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