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    Need some advice help please

    I am currently looking to purchase a tank. My father many years ago used to own a 90 gallon reef tank and loved it but I realized something that size can be very costly to fill and maintain. I am looking into something smaller but not sure what to size to go with. I am thinking of going with the...
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    Strange worm in my tank? Help

    There is a strange worm type thing in my tank. It is red and has tentacles. Can someone tell me what it is? And is it dangerous or can I leave it in my tank?
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    Strange worm is it harmful?

    There is this strange worm looking thing in my tank. It's red and has long tentacles. It's not very big. It appears one is living in the rock and one living in the sand. Is it harmful? Should I take them out or leave them in and what are they?
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    White stuff growing on LR

    My 6 day old reef tank has some white stuff growing on the live rock. Can anyone tell me if this is good or bad or what it is? Also if its bad how can I remove it?
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    White stuff growing in my new 10 gallon tank 6 days old

    Hello, I a new to the whole reef tank hobby. I set up my tank 10 gallon tank with live sand, live rock, filter is 150gph. It has carbon and a filter and some bio rocks. The tank is at 75 degrees. Using two 25 W light bulbs. I'm not sure what the white stuff is growing on the rock. Is it...