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  • Hi Nine, so sorry I just dropped that on you out of the blue. I just reread what i wrote and thought good lord what was i thinking. I think I was in a fog after work, and reading Bartos post broke my heart. His grand kids are youngsters If I remember right. so sad.
    Hi Nina, long time no see, I know. I had brain surgery to remove a tumor. Just found out my youngest son has to have surgery for severe scoliosis. Please, what happened to Barts grandson?
    Sincerely, Victoria
    Glad to see you are still here and just as sassy as ever! Have been off RC for a while, life keeps dragging me in other directions. Behave yourself!
    hi lynn, yes i can still go out and distribute marshmallows and throw hay over the fence. it's just the turd chasing and listing bales i am banned from and YES, i do so miss it! i love my little guys and i miss playing with them, grooming them, etc. i'm being a good girl though, i am not doing anything i'm not supposed to do. actually, the only time i am really comfortable is when i am sitting down so yes, i am crocheting like a mad woman! i finished one blankie for a friend and have started another one. i do have a pile of books i'll get to but will probably save those for post-surgery when i am mostly confined to bed for a few days. thanks for your concern. always nice to know others share my woes with me. :)
    Hey Nina, can you still go out to the dry lot and distribute marshmallows to the mini horses? It sounds like you miss them! Don't even think of taking the shovel with you though. Can you get comfortable enough to crochet? You could get a lot of blankies made since tied chasing has been banned! Any books you have been meaning to read but never found time for ?
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