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  • Hello, what is the size of the Skimmer? I'm seeing if it'll fit in the rear chamber of my all in one. thank you
    Yeah, i have candy cane and green apple monti. I have other stuff as well. Text me at 858-699-0688.
    Hey hope is all well , sorry the controller is not capable with the internet it was the aqua controller II or III that is why I went with the Apex jr
    Sorry no prob just a temp prob, that sounds like a good deal and you can add to it, if it falls through and you change your mind just let me know
    It's the aqua controller jr ,it's a DC8 haven't used it a while because I bought a Apex lite not the new 2016 version, I'll set it up today and see how to hook up to the internet, tell you the truth I don't remember but you can get an apex jr or classic apex cheap now that everybody is getting the new version with built in
    Have a good working aqua controller with temp but no ph probe and I think one or two outlets are stuck on and uncontrollable let me know if you are still interested I'll check to see it status
    Ok, no problem, i will probably post again in a couple months but I always have stuff in my frag tank so let me know when ur cube is ready.
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