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    FS Tank

    All livestock All livestock Hey what's the price for all the fish ? Saw your vin se use ring selling it all at once. Thanks
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    Mp60 still available ? 3055067322 thanks

    Mp60 still available ? 3055067322 thanks
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    Looking for SPS oldies

    Pick most of these up already only missing Xmas mirabilis and pink tip . Pm me price on those 2. Thank you.
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    Looking for SPS oldies

    Hey guys I'm starting to add Sps to the tank. Would love some affordable oldies given that I they will be testers to make sure the tank is good on Sps already. But with that said assuming they survive and do well I don't want sone gully ones in the tank so looking to see if anyone out there have...
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    Apex reboot

    Guys I need help please. My screen went blue on my display I'm trying to upload update the firmware to the 4.5 and the firmware loads successfully but Logging to controller Controller login failed Unlocking controller Failed attempt, retrying operation timed out "œ "œ "œ "œ "œ "œ "œ Can...
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    rebooting apex

    Hey guys I know this is old but I’m actually having this same exact issue. Can anyone help ????
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    Adding a 5 small yellow tangs ????

    Hey guys so I have 2 zebrasomas already in my 400 gallon. Black tang and purple tang about 4.5” big both I wanted to add about 7 yellow tangs about 2.5” big. Has anyone had any experience adding smaller zebrazomas or would adding them a similar size to ones I already have work out better.? Thank...
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    natural aptasia control

    I had a filefish that worked amazing until he ate all the aptasia and started going after my zoas.
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    aquarium service Miami/Aventura?

    Joel fish tank maintain 305-321-6199 really good and affordable
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    natural aptasia control

    Hey what ever happened to the Nudis ? Sold them or selling them ??? Thanks
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    Sailfin tang

    Hey guys have a big sailfin tang that I have had for about 6 years. Been perfectly fine with everyone but out of nowhere now my Achilles started harassing him. It's to the point where I feel he might kill him since he barely even lets him eat. I would hate to see him die because of this. Anyone...
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    Coral sale/value??

    Interested in the euphyllias .! Prices ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk