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  • I see you are selling the alpha 170. Did you buy that neck cleaner off of cakeman when he was selling that Alpha 200? I bought the 200 off of him, and would like that cleaner if you did pick it up!
    Awesome. I have just been dosing ind supps but i am thinking about the B Ionic as well. I am dealing with a cyano outbreak right now in the middle of starting microbacter7 and reef biofuel so, I have my hands full figuring this out blahhh
    Thanks NittyGritty. I'm dosing esv b-ionic 2 part solution for alk and calcium and kent's for magnesium. I use a BM T-01 3 part dosing pump. My parameters are: Alk- Low 9, Ca- 420, and mag-1350-1380. BRS 2 part solution is a little cheaper but I hear ESV is always consistent and pharm grade in their measurements.
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