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    Looking for a reefkeeper lite and an ATO system preferably JBJ. Please contact me through this post or by phone at 9737679299 my PM's do not work TY Rich.
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    Question about cadlight artisan 50

    Ive decided to go with the cadlights artisan 50 rimless tank. Do you think a 24" 250w halide/2x96w PC combo will be enough lighting to house LPS/SPS ? When checking out you get to choose what upgrades and accesories youd like with the tank, one option is an oscillator what is this?
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    Mag 12, Drilled 40 Breeder w/overflow

    Stand is gone just the 40 breeder is f/s
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    Breaking Down 2 Reef Tanks.

    Is the 45 cube still available?
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    Mag 12, Drilled 40 Breeder w/overflow

    Mag 12 in great condition asking $75. 40 Breeder drilled with a custom overflow black painted background asking $80 Pick up is in Lodi, NJ 07644 please contact me through this thread or by phone at 973 767 9299 anytime before 12a.m.
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    Looking for Mag 12 or 18

    got one in perfect condition asking $75 i live in lodi, NJ
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    Where to buy a custom tank?

    Id like to buy a custom tank, rimless, preferably starphire but im not sure on that yet. Any suggestions on where to go to get quality work?
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    Pic of my new 29 gallon finally getting going advice?

    1. Without taking the water out, id say the only way is a background bought at a LFS. 2.Is the nano skimmer a hang on skimmer? If not how do you plan on integrating it into the system? The filter you have now can be used for either A. carbon, purigen, ect. or B. Converted into a DIY fuge like...
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    Led lighting on a nano cube

    Im looking into putting LEDS on a new 25 gallon (18x18x18) nano im setting up. Any suggestions on a fixture i could get or maybe some DIY plans. I know LEDS arent cheap but im also looking for the most price efficient unit. Thanks for any help.
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    FS: complete 25g 18" setup.

    Have you sold this? If not ill take it.
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    Custom Sump

    thank you i sent him a message. The problem im having is the places ive called so far said they cant make a sump to fit the dimensions under the tank. Dimensions are 30x6-1/2x16 LxWxH. Has anyone ever seen a sump somewhat to this design?
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    Custom Sump

    I have very limited space under a new tank im working on and was wondering if anyone had some recommendations on where to get a custom sump built online??
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    Has any body tried contacting Taam Rio?

    rio sucks, istopped buying from them all together
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    Curing Marco Rocks

    Bump before this gets lost in the archives
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    Good Deal ! or ?

    I'm sure it's a good deal if the price was right. I think you meen to ask if this equipment is any good and if you should get the stuff that is option to buy. I'm not familiar with anything but the tank and it sounds great. The tech tanks are nice, and I really love a 120s footprint, probably...