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    Top Off Water Stinks

    I had the same problem years ago. I found some small mold spots on the inside of my cover. The condensation would leak back into the can with no visible results but the water and plastic would smell. Cleaned with bleach rinsed and refilled with no issues. To this day I will still bleach can...
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    New stand, uneven top. Ideas?

    If your tank is a glass tank with a plastic frame no problem. A properly made glass tank is strong enough not to flex that much. If it was a high point and made contact with glass it could stress and break.
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    Red Coris Wrasse and Bird Wrasse?

    I have a red coris with a yellow tail tamarin & divided leopard with no problems. The only real issue is the red is a very aggressive eater. The tank also has several dwarf angels. The red was added last as a juvenile an now has mature colors.
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    Is my tank safe to fill?

    I had same issue with my 125. I used composit shims between stand and plywood. Tank has been in use like this for 10 years with no issues.
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    Bubble algae removal

    Need some advice. I have several pieces of LR in my frag tank that are now covered with bubble algae. Was wondering if it safe to just pull the rock scrub off the algae and spray with hydrogen peroxide. I know this works with different algae but will this help control future outbreaks?
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    Red flat worms

    Need help with ideas to rid frag tank of flat worm explosion. Is there a natural predator I can use? If not are chemicals like Flatworm exit safe to use? Manual removal seems out of the question.
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    Metal stand cleanup

    Yes I like the Herculiner but I am sure other brands work. One thing if you use this or some of the other similar products make sure to mix properly. Some of these products do have a little texture. Just double check & make sure you have total coverage 2 coates might be needed.
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    Metal stand cleanup

    I have made several stands and coated them with Herculiner. Several stands have been in use for over 10 years with no rust. It is easily applied with a brush. This is a rubberized product that is used to coat truck beds. Staqnds up great and is fairly cheap. Just make sure to buff down to bare...
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    Keeping two Centropyge angels?

    I have a flame a multicolor and Singapore together in a 90.They have been together for about 3 years with no problems. The multicolor was first followed by the Singapore then the flame.
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    muratic acid

    Thanks. Also wondering should I bleach the rock first?
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    muratic acid

    Any suggestions on ph or water to muratic ratio to cook old LR?I have never used muratic acid to cook old rock before.I have used vinegar on small batches and worked well. This time I am cooking about 75 pounds in a 55 gallon Brute trash can. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Repainting a steel aquarium stand?

    Yeah that is the stuff. Just clean stand down to bare metal. Make sure no rust or oil and coat. It might take 2 coats to get uniform coverage. Works great.
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    It works great. I have built and coated 3 stands. The first one 10 years ago still no signs of rust. Just have to make sure to prep properly before coating.
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    Repainting a steel aquarium stand?

    Buff off the rust an replace bolts with Stainless bolts. You can prep an coat with herculiner bed liner. Cheaper then powdercoating. I have made three stands and no rust issues. The oldest stand has been in use for 12 years.
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    *** is growing with my Zoas?

    Looks like bubble algae. Keep an eye on it .I have had it go crazy in one of my tanks. Emerald crabs an a fox face took care of it.