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    Coral Keep dying, Help

    I think your tank is just too young for corals. Sounds like you are moving in the right direction though. Others are more qualified to comment on this, but you might be changing too much water. Eventually, if you do add coral again you'll probably want to increase your 10K lights from 2 hrs...
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    My clown likes a clean tank

    My female maroon clown moves just about anything I put near her anemone. She is a bulldozer, wrecking ball, and overall menace.
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    So what'd everyone get for Christmas?

    $100 in gift certificates to my LFS. Already bought myself a new skimmer a few weeks ago :)
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    Yellow Tang Just Tripped my GFCI

    Thanks for the heads up. Not to hijack the thread, but is splashing by yellow tangs common? I have had one for a few months and have never noticed this. Of course, mine is kind of a wuss...
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    2 Flame or not 2 Flame, that is the ?

    I have one in my 75g. I try to keep it well fed, but it definitely picks at just about everything. I will be catching it out as soon as I get time.
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    First anemone in my tank after only 7 weeks

    A long wait is recommend so that they have a better chance of surviving. Here is a helpful website for all you could want to know:
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    Is a cone skimmer realy better

    I recently got a SWC 160 for my 75g and really like it. I prefer the quieter internal pump to my old Urchin/Mag 3 combo and it has a larger collection cup. The "neck" on my Urchin was small and needed to be cleaned very regularly. Also, the flow was loud because it trickled out the side...
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    One wall outlet - power entire setup?

    I have a 75g w/ even more equipment running off of one switch in my living room. I have it all plugged into a GFI surge protector thing. No idea if my tv/stereo/surround sound stuff is on the same circuit or not, but have not had any problems FWIW.
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    I've been running the single since April. Recently started getting stuck, so I cleaned it. Luckily it was stuck "off" and not "on." Seems to be fine again now. Wish I would have gotten the dual though to help prevent any issues. I think ATO is still local here in Austin, so at least I won't...
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    First SPS, Any tips?

    One other piece of advice: keep an eye on those green/brown palys. I inherited some of those in my tank and they spread everywhere. They have become a nuisance.
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    ORA Red Planet Frag prices.

    You can probably get a piece cheaper from a fellow reefer. I just got one for about $20.
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    How rare is this?

    I'm a bit late to the party, but great thread!
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    Awesome seller. Used product was in amazing shape, including new parts. Shipping was quick...

    Awesome seller. Used product was in amazing shape, including new parts. Shipping was quick. Communication was quick and constant. Thanks, Chalu!
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    Pavona on rampage!

    I have a bunch of Pavona as well. I'm wondering how I can slow it's progression. Maybe I'll have to just do what jimroth did.