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  • I would like to Join the Tampa Bay Reef Club? I was born and raise right here in the tampabay area! Ihave been keeping successful coral reefs for over 20 + years! I am currently doing a upgrade on my new SCA 150.
    I'd like to join the group here, I became a member of TRBC yesterday. Thanks.
    Edited- nevermind, I think I figured it out.
    hi i just signed up for this group my name is logan and i was wondering could u send me an email or something saying that i joined and can u add me in your group on rc
    Hi my name is Logan i have been in this hobby for all my life ever since i could walk and use my hands i have taken this hobby so far that i have started a store in brandon but is a internet sales site and i have a local pickup deal to and i would like to join but dont kow how please accept me and for any of you who need fish my phone number is 813 7777 7698 please call i have a wide selection of fish, inverts, and corals
    Any status on the Seaworld tickets and how I can get me and Kathy's? Off all this week so can make road trip if needed.
    Hello, my name is Raul from Brandon. Im new to the hobby and have caught the fever bad! Started about 9months ago. I have a 90g fowlr and a 55g reef. I would like to join your group but unsure how.
    Hello, My Name is Tony. I am in Odessa and have a 90 gal Oceanic Tank for sale along with durso,coralife 4 65watt PC fizture, a 2400 GPH pondmaster mag drive pump and home made stand for $350. Pump is brand new(only been hooked up for 15 minutes,went another direction) PM me if you are interested or have frags to sell or trade, I currently have a 125 mixed
    Hi this is Mike I just joined last week. I just set my 90 gal reef tank up yesterday :) and all is going well. I live here in Pinellas and saw the TBRC would like to join up not sure how this all works here yet but would like to share info. I have been out of the hobby for 10 yrs and glad to be back in.
    hey-when is the beach trip? aren't we on for Sept? I ask because I'm going out of town for my HS reunion in the middle of Sept and I'd hate to miss the trip.
    Hi how are you
    I notice that we do not have meetings on this side of the bay
    I live in largo i have a 90 gal mix tank with a I-tech skimmers a diy 110 led's light fixture that is controlled by apex, I also have a automatic water change system
    I am trying to Breed my premiun Picasso
    I am raising i juvenil trio of snowcassos
    i have a house in a very safe area in largo that can feet over 30 people if you ever want to a meeting in this side of the bridge you can use my house
    feel free to stop by and visit my tank


    Any chance you could bring the partial Algae scrubber with you to work tommorow (Fri)? We will be up at Moffit for a round of Chemo and I would like to check it out - If you are still willing to part with it.
    Here is the BAD news, here is what is left

    Clownfish Breeding - Calfo

    Book of Coral Propagation - Calfo

    Marine Chemistry - Brightwell

    Practical Coral Farming - Tolosa

    Surgeonfishes Rabbitfishes and their relatives - Kuiter & Debelius

    The Reef Aquarium, Science, Art, & Technology - Delbeek & Sprung

    And I will donate

    Corals A Quick Reference Guide - Sprung
    Reef Invertebrates - Calfo & Fenner

    Corals - Borneman

    Reef Secrets - Nilsen & Fossa

    Aquarium Corals - Borneman

    Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Fishes - Simon & Schuster's
    Thanx alot Sue I'm availailable sat or sun which is better for you lkm # 813 506-9934
    Curious as to how one joins the TBRC? I am fairly new here and am still trying to make sense out of this wonderful resource. Thanks!
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